Helsinki is fairly small as Capitol cities go, but not small enough to have just one simple method of transportation. Not the fear though! We have broken it down and made public transportation easy for anyone on any budget!

In this video you will discover a variety of bus lines, city tram networks, metro and regional trains, Helsinki Airport transportation, self-service bike rentals and of course, Masha’s favorite form of transportation….walking (check out the app Izi Travel for a list of Helsinki walking tours)!

With So much different types of transportation methods, purchasing options, kiosks, and apps it is almost impossible to try and memorize them all. But moving around the city is actually easier than it seems.
After watching this video you should feel confident about how to get to and from the city, how to best get around the city and how to do it within your budget!.

Listed below are all the various transportation options we tried in Helsinki and will explain to you in this comprehensive and concise Transportation Helsinki video (shameless keyword):
1. City Trams: The reliable and extensive tram network has 11 lines, and it connects the different parts of the inner city to each other. Annually, the tram network has nearly 57 million passengers.
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2. Metro – The Helsinki Metro (Finnish: Helsingin metro, Swedish: Helsingfors metro) is a rapid transit system serving Greater Helsinki. It is the world’s northernmost metro system. The metro system consists of 2 lines, which serve a total of 25 stations. It has a total length of 35 kilometres (22 mi). The metro serves as the predominant rail link between the suburbs of East Helsinki and the western suburbs in the city of Espoo and downtown Helsinki.

3. Buses – The public transportation system has three zones: internal, extended region (2 and 3) and the whole region (all zones). Internal covers a single city. Regional covers the Helsinki metropolitan area or the whole area without Helsinki. The whole region covers the Helsinki metropolitan area and additionally the Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo municipalities.
A new system comprised of four (4) zones was introduced in April 2019. Internal, regional and extended regional tickets have now been replaced with Zones A, B, C and D.
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4. Bicycles – The super popular city bikes have been around for a few years, now, and the city is constantly installing new stations due to high demand. Recently an international study found that the Helsinki city bike system is the most used public bike rental system in the world!
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5. TrainRailway: The Helsinki commuter railway (Finnish: Pääkaupunkiseudun lähiliikenne/ Swedish: Huvudstadsregionens närtrafik) is the rail system serving Greater Helsinki, Finland. The network is part of the HSL network, and is operated by VR, the Finnish state-owned national railway company. Together with the Helsinki Metro, buses, and trams, the network forms the heart of Helsinki’s public transportation infrastructure.
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6. Ferries –

7. Walking – Check out Izi Travel or Culture Trip apps for some great walking guides around the city!

8. Taxi- Uber Pop, Valopikku, and other various apps.

What’s new since we visited:

I. The Discover Helsinki app is your best insider guide to the city and has been developed in Helsinki by on-the-ground expert.
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Must Have Transportation Apps:
HSL – Tickets, route planner, and information
Discover Helsinki – Guides and Transportation
Uber Pop
Helsinki Bus Tracker
Helsinki Metro Subway Offline Map
Helsinki Tram Map

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