Vecanza is a unique travel platform where you have free access to plan your travel for leisure, business or reach out to your loved ones.

Vecanza is also the best place for service providers to connect with customers adding value to their options with Vacation Packages, Hotel Reservations, Flight bookings, Cab Services, Customized Excursions, Conferences and Occasions.  You can put your offers or plan your trips with complete confidence because Vecanza takes care of your data security and privacy needs through robust design, a dedicated monitoring team and a reliable backup.

Vecanza also opens up a world of information for you interests in travel and beyond where you can explore more through travel stories in blogs, videos and articles from leading journals and websites.

Whether you are a travel enthusiast, need to attend an urgent family affair, close a business deal or want to discover the world, Vecanza will be your deal of the day.

For Service Providers

  • Reach out to more customers & new markets when you get listed at low costs.
  • Whatever the price, there is always a customer for you.
  • Let us manage your customers’ online experience through slick website design and functionality.
  • Get the benefit of good reviews and know early when to improve.
  • Provide expert insights and a safety net to win new customers.
  • Create discounts, offer items for hire or add value.
  • Don’t be left behind, if you don’t afford presence online, use Vecanza for all your offers and services.
  • Save on booking staff.
  • Get access to competitors in the travel industry.
  • Make partners and collaborate to improve customer service.


  • Find Flights at their ultimate Lowest prices.
  • Use filters to pick the best which suit your needs.
  • Choose your favorite airlines, preferred airports, number of stops and departure/ arrival times.
  • Modify search with ease.
  • See different price option in the same window in your own currency.
  • Use flexible dates option to choose the best price & quickly browse.
  • Calendar across days, weeks and months.


  • Tired of surfing different hotel brands? See and compare all on one page.
  • Browse with confidence in our helpful and simple approach to online hotel reservations.
  • Get fair prices; customizable deals and focused results.
  • Book at any hour of the day.
  • Get more product detail independent customer reviews.


  • Select your favorite car company and request special equipment.
  • Choose the time and place of your pickup and drop off.
  • Get an idea on daily average pricing before you make up your mind.
  • See car rentals on a map to suit your location.
  • Get first-time online access to individuals car rentals.
  • We ensure no changes in price from search to booking, so you can book with confidence.


  • Leave your trip planning, traveling worries while you are at work.
  • Get the best deals on holiday & business tours.
  • Connect with service providers for more discounts and trips.
  • See places others might miss.
  • Meet more people, make friends with travel groups.
  • Make your trip to new places safer with experienced guides.
  • New to travel? Tours are best for you.


  • Make the best of your trip by knowing from the experience of others.
  • Plan ahead and plan well.
  • Can’t go all places for sure, know them through other’s eyes with the right knowledge of where to go, where to sleep and how to blend with locals.
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