Travel Insurance Plans and Coverage

Travel insurance bears the costs of unforeseen losses that might occur when travelling abroad from Pakistan. In countries like the US or Schengen states, medical emergency bills can easily run into thousands of dollars – Askari travel insurance protect yourself  by offering plans and coverage against any such expenses at a tiny fraction of cost.

Askari Travel Insurance Plans are below in the table.


DurationEconomyUmrah/Hajj/ZiaratSchengenWorld WideSilverGoldPlatinum
Emergency Medical AssistanceUS$ 10,000US$ 10,000US$ 50,000US$ 50,000US$ 75,000US$ 100,000US$ 150,000
Upto 07 days650104065010401341214613412146200032002500400030004800
08 – 10 days850136085013601764282217642822255040802950472045507280
11 – 15 days10001600100016002285365622853656320051203450552053008480
16 – 21 days125020001250200024003840240038403900624042006720735011760
22 – 31 days175028001750280028004480280044805000800052008320950015200
32 – 45 days220035202200352042006720420067206500104007250116001300020800
46 – 62 days250040002500400047007520470075207750124008750140001700027200
63 – 93 days3000480030004800510081605100816090001440010000160002200035200
94 – 183 days4500720045007200740011840740011840135002160014500232004500072000
184 – 365 days600098006000960011,300180801130018080170002720020000320005750092000
  1. Premium is inclusive of duties applicable under the law.
  2. Family is inclusive of self, spouse and 04 children under 18 years of age.
  3. Quotes premium is for people upto 60 years of age. For age ranging from:
    60-65 years    50% increase in premium.
    65-75 years     100% increase in Total premium.
  4. Medical fitness certificate issued by a registered Medical practitioner will be required for people over 60 years of age.
  5. Advance Tax @4% on quoted premium will be applicable in case of Non-filer as per Government rules.

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Askari Travel- Schedule of Benefits (All values in US Dollar)

PlanEconomyExcessUmrah/Hajj/ZiaratExcessSchengenExcessWorld WideExcessSilverExcessGoldExcessPlatinumExcess
Section APersonal Accident
A1Persona Accident5,000Nil5,000Nil10,000Nil10,000Nil15,000Nil20,000Nil30,000Nil
A2Accidental Death (Common Carrier)Limit to 10% of available limitNil10% of available limitNil10% of available limitNil10% of available limitNil10% of available limitNil10% of available limitNil10% of available limitNil
Section BMedical Benefits
B1Emergency Medical Expenses10,0005010,0005050,0005050,0005075,00050100,00050150,00050
B2Emergency Dental CareNANa50400504005060050
B3Repatriation of Mortal RemainsCoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNA
B4Repatriation of family member traveling with insure person.CoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNA
B5Travel of one immediate family memberCoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNA
Section CAdditional Assistance Services
C1Escort of Dependent ChildNANANANACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNA
C2Delivery of MedicinesCoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNA
C3Long Distance Medical Information ServiceCoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNA
C4Medical Refferal/ Appointment of Local Medical SpecialistCoveredNACoveredNACoveredCoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNA
C5Connection ServicesCoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNA
C6Relay of Urgent MessagesCoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNACoveredNA
Section DLoss or delay of Checked Baggage
D1Loss of checked baggageNA NANANANANANANANANA100050200050
D2Delayed baggage NA NANANANANANANANANA50 max 20012 Hrs.75 max 3008 Hrs.
Section ELoss of Passport50 NA50NA1005010050200503005050050
Section FPersonal Liability NA NANANANANANANA50,000250100,000500150,000750
Section GCancellation and Curtailment200 5020050300503005040050600501,00050
Section HEmergency Return Home Following Death of a Close Family MemberCovered50Covered50Covered50Covered50Covered50Covered50Covered50
Section IAdvance Ball Bond NA NANANANANANANANANA5000NA10,000NA
Section JLoss Of Credit Card200 NA200NA300NA300NA400NA8001001,000100
      1. This policy is valid for residents of Pakistan who are 80 years and under at date of expiry.
      2. Any medical condition or complication arising from it which existed before the commencement of the policy period, or for which care, treatment or advice was sought, recommended by or received from a physician.
      3. Routine physical or other examination where there is no objective indication of impairment of normal health.
      4. Medical expenses beyond the expiry of the policy period.
      5. Hospital treatment which is not provided by a registered health services provider.
      6. Claims arising if an Insured is traveling against the advice of a medical practitioner or for the purposes of obtaining medical treatment of convalescent care.
      7. Loss or damage to passport due to delay or from confiscation or detention by customs, police or other authority.
      8. Loss caused by the insured’s failure to take reasonable steps to guard against the loss of passport.
      9. Theft which is not reported to any appropriate police authority 24 hours of discovery and an official report obtained
      10. The Insurers shall not be responsible for any willful, malicious or criminal act of the Insured a deliberate breach of any law or enactment by the Insured.


    1. The insured is expected to inform us and an E mail should be sent by the insured requesting the cancellation.
    2. He/she should furnish policy number or schedule number in the E mail.


Following documents should be sent to us:

    1. Proof that the insured has not traveled overseas.
    2. Photo copy or Scan copy of all the pages (including empty pages) of the passport.
    3. Reason for policy cancellation.
    4. Visa rejection letter in case of visa refusal by embassy.


In case of any early return of the insured person prior to expiry of the policy period, the company will refund premium at the rates shown in adjacent table (subject to no claims being incurred on the policy).

Cancellation of Policy Due to Non Utilization:

Policy can be cancelled, upon written request of the insured due to non-utilization of cover only if:

  1. Request letter form the Insured.
  2. The insured returns the original policy with the required coupons.
  3.  The person cancels the policy before the effective date.
  4. The person submits his passport XEROX copy (photo state) as a proof that he/she has not traveled before the effective date written on the policy.
  5. Original letter from the consulate requesting for the cancellation of the policy.
  6.  Original Policy. g) If the visa issued to insured, policy document neither refund nor cancel or it’s
    status become null and void.

Cancellation by us:

We may cancel this policy by giving you at least seven days’ notice at your last known address. We reserve the right to amend policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

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